Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on history of african americans. In order to conduct a detailed analysis, I have divided the whole paper into six units which& with the history of African Americans in chronological order and sheds light upon a different phase of their lives.

In order to represent the black population, a number of terms have used in the history of the United States such as Blacks, Africans, Afro- American, colored, Negro and the African American. Actually the accurate proportion of these African Americans is not known in the existing population of the United States. During the past three centuries, a remarkable racial mixture took place in the United States, not only with the people having African ancestry but with other ethnic backgrounds as well such as Europeans and Indian descents. In times gone by, the major approach about ethnic group association within the United States was that people bearing some colored African descent were believed to be&nbsp.African&nbsp.American. Laws have also been formulated in some parts of the United States just like in antebellum South, in order to define an ethnic association in this regard, by and large, to the disadvantage of not-Caucasian. Notably, though, those physical traits and descent backgrounds are merely a fraction of actual reasons that have placed African Americans separately as a diverse group. (Gilbert, 2009)

Over a period of about 350 years, from the early 1500s to the mid-1800, slave traders forcibly transported approximately 12 million Africans across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas. Of this number, about 8 per cent, or approximately 1 million, were brought to North America (after 1619). The rest went to the islands of the Caribbean and the shores of Central and South America. European slave traders working out of western Africa collected the slaves. They took millions of Africans in exchange for guns, iron, beads, silks and other cloths, knives, basins, mirrors, and the like. The slaves were sold to colonial plantation owners in the Americas.


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