1500-2000 words for the essay itself, not including heading information and Works Cited.
– This essay topic is a comparative essay. You will want to directly compare the texts and explain clearly how/why the topic is shown similarly or differently as well as what this similarity/difference shows about a theme or issue. – – Remember to include all works that you mention in your Works Cited.
– You may use outside sources for this assignment but make sure to use reliable sources, especially peer-reviewed research from academic journals or books (avoid blogs and content that people posted themselves to a personal page
– Including research can help you anchor your ideas by suggesting a social theory, psychological term, or such to explain what you observe in the stories. If you do not use research, more emphasis should be placed on close reading since you will solely rely on this to support your claim. You must clearly reference all quotations and paraphrased content from all texts used and include a list of Works Cited. Use MLA format in your in-text citations and Works Cited page; consult the MLA Handbook or visit

Essay Topic: You may choose to compare the two options below in order to examine how these texts depict evil.
1. The Overlook Hotel in the novel The Shinning by Stephen King and the Death Star From the film Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope
2. OR Jack Torrance from the novel The shinning and Darth Vadar in the film Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope
You’ll want to offer criteria for evil and might consider which place or character is ultimately more “evil” or represents the notion in a more compelling way (how so or why?). What do the texts suggest or critique about locating evil in a place or person?


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