You may use the Vaughn Library which is a repository of our web resources for students to complete this assignment. (Links to an external site.)

(If you need help with resources, consider talking in advance to the TJC Reference Librarian (Lief Pierson) who can help by giving ideas and direction. Don’t wait until the last minute!)

You may use additional sources however please be careful that they are reliable, objective sources and are cited in your references. Use a standard 12 pt. font and double space to write your essay. Save your essay/bar charts using doc, docx, rich text, pdf, xls or xlsx file formats. (Other file formats will not be accepted.)

Tip: The United Nations websites about different countries can be useful sources of government data. Normally it takes a couple of years for these sources to catch up, thus you may use data that is 2011 and higher but please use the latest data you can find.

2. You will write a 2-3 page essay (NOT including charts and references) to compare/contrast the divorce rates in 3 different countries(specific countries listed below).(Your entire paper must be at least 4 pages long including charts and references.) You are to discuss the different dynamics that may create a divorce such as age of marriage, whether marriage is arranged or free to marry whomever they want, educational levels in the 3 countries, what the chosen country’s religious views are, 2nd and 3rd divorce rates and other pertinent variables as needed. How do these variables contribute to higher/lower divorce rates? What other factors may have played a role in the country’s divorce statistics?

3. At the end of your essay, you must have a separate paragraph titled Conclusion. You are to imagine yourself as a counselor or social worker and come up with practical ideas and initiatives as to how to deal with serious marital problems and perhaps help couples prevent an impending divorce. Be specific! (It’s ok to think outside the box; creative ideas welcomed.)

4. Pick 3 countries from the following list for the divorce statistics as well as any other accompanying facts that might be related. The countries to choose from are: United States, Canada, Japan, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Italy, China.

From that data, you will need to create 2 bar charts (put all 3 countries on EACH chart). The first chart should compare the total populations of the three countries you chose. The second chart should compare the rates for divorce in the same three countries. In the chart comparing divorce rates, you MUST USE PERCENTAGES (not crude rates) so you are comparing to apples to apples. If you don’t find data already in percentages, computing a percentage is fairly straightforward: Number of divorces in the country, divided by the total number of people, multiplied by 100 (to clear out the decimal point).

5. The final page should be a Reference or Works Cited page. Total assignment (including essay, bar charts and references) should be at least 4 pages (can be a little longer but not shorter).

6. Make sure you double space the paper, use 1 inch margins, and a 12 point font


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