Please make sure it is original with correct grammar. (it doesn’t have be in AP or double space) It need to be at least 200 or more words.
Current Events Journal

Find an article, website, or video that has information relating to Human Ecology (how humans interact with their environment). They can be from any time period.

Write a BRIEF summary (200 words) and post the web address (so I can access it) by Wednesday. The syllabus recommends 600 words, however I am only requiring 200 words?if you want to write more feel free to do so. Respond to one other post bySunday.

Please do not copy and paste from the article?this will be considered plagiarism. I want you to write a short summary in your own words.

Some good places to look for information are

Science Daily
Live Science
Science News
Science World
Inside Science
Scientific American
National Geographic
United Nations
World Health Org.

Grading: Total points for this assignment = 100 pts.
Initial post = 75 pts. (20 pt. deduction if you don?t post the web-link so I can look


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