Briefly explain Socrates’ view of Justice, as found in THE REPUBLIC. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE HIS VIEWS ON THE STATE and the Individual Soul. Do you agree or disagree with SOCRATES? Support your position by providing a critical evaluation Socrates ideas’. If you agree with Socrates, you should attempt to respond to at least oLength: 2000 ?200 words

1. Choose an issue in professional ethics that pertains either to professionals generally or to a particular type of professional.

2. Write a critical essay aiming to resolve the issue you pose by following ?A Strategy for Understanding, Developing, and Presenting Moral Arguments? (given in theCourse Manual).

The main task of professional ethics is to recognize, analyze, and answer moral issues encountered by professionals (in our society and similar societies). A general strategy that may help you understand the arguments of others, clarify your own reasoning and develop your own arguments, and present moral reasoning to others in an organized manner is given below. This strategy may usefully inform your course work generally, and is especially recommended for Assignments 2, 3, and of the objections against Socrates’ position.


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