Write a 9 pages paper on buyer behaviour and analysis: arsenal football club. There is a need for a timeous response by the marketing managers to the concerns of the supporters since they are the ones who make the game of football success. The marketing manager also ought to consider the use of traditional colors of the team whenever targeting the consumers. It would be easier for both supporters as well as potential fans to identify the color of their team. The behavioral theory with the greatest relevance to the above-mentioned brand is the cognitive theory. Most supporters outside the UK also wish to see their team playing in their countries hence it is mainly recommended that Arsenal FC can effectively harness this marketing strategy through engaging one of the top-flight teams in the league of any chosen country and play a friendly game during the time they would be offseason.

Arsenal Football Club (FC) also commonly known as the “Gunners” is a professional English football club based in North London. According to their official website, they play in the Premier League and they are renowned as one of the most successful clubs in the world of English soccer. They have a record of winning thirteen titles in the first division as well as thirteen Premier League titles. They have also won a record ten FA cups and two League cup winners, as well as eleven charity/community shield winners among others in their history and this, makes them one of the most highly rated clubs in English football. The club was founded in 1886 and is popularly identified with its traditional white and red colors.

According to information obtained from the Premier League’s official website, the Premier League is the world’s most-watched league and the most prestigious. It attracts players from virtually the whole world and was established in 1992. The Premier league strives to attract quality players and aims to promote development and excellence in professional football at club and international level.


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