Write 8 pages thesis on the topic trends in distance learning. With the advent of technology, a huge paradigm shift has taken place in education. A new concept of distance education has evolved. Since communication is an important necessity between teacher and student the internet or the media serves as the connecting link between the two in distance education. It’s been now over a century that children have been taking distance education. So far a few thousands of students have been taking online education in the United States. This is a small fraction of the 50 million students only, but however, the good news is that this number seems to grow rapidly (Cavanaugh VII).

Vincent long ago suggested that, “The day is coming when the work done by correspondence will be greater in amount than that done in the classrooms of our academics and colleges. when the students who shall recite by correspondence will far outnumber those who make oral recitations” (Nasseh, “A Brief History of Distance Education”).

The term ‘Virtual High School’ is used for an educational institute that offers K-12 courses through internet or web. The concept of virtual school has come up to the surface after the saturation of e-learning in higher education. Thus virtual high schools have been growing constantly some controversies surrounding it. It has been estimated that between 1996 to 2002 in North America alone there are around dozen-odd virtual high schools, run by the state. At least six more states have education consortia that offer distance education. These numbers seem to increase rapidly.

Across US there are an estimated 14 states that have state-sanctioned or state-level virtual schools in its planning or operational phase. Other types include the university-based virtual school, private based virtual schools, virtual charter school, virtual school consortia or the virtual schools run by schools or districts are also in existence. According to a survey, there are approximately 40000-50000 students enrolling in virtual&nbsp.K-12 schools.


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