Write 8 pages thesis on the topic the oedipal complex in fantasy fiction. Oedipal complex is escorted by sexual awakening and jealousies, and follows a stage of transition, which according to Freud occurs between 3-5 years with a strong, but the unconscious sense of hostility towards one parent, while experiencing attachment to another. This way Freud suggests that a child is going through a period of transition where he experiences chronicles of self-deception or we can say that a child misunderstand affects, because of lack of awareness, and do not constitute examples of unconscious effects. Oedipal complex is often depicted in fiction books and movies, that revolve around children, in which particularly a male child, creates a hallucinatory world around himself, but since such psychological conditions depicted in literary works are never contemplated, therefore it is often misdiagnosed in the movies. Such diagnosis depicts the loopholes left in the work, where the reason is that although someone can often be mistaken about the true target or object of her feelings, and can even substitute one feeling for another, a child experiences his condition effectively.

To understand Freud’s emphasis between what he calls as a positive (boys desire directed at his mother) or a negative function (boys desire with his father), the complex aims at sketching one of the mainsprings of classical Freudian theory where child behavior has its origin which Freud names as a manifestation of a set of drives (Levine, 2000, p. 196). Nonetheless, we do not consider the post-Freudian perspective, which perceives such characteristics are embedded in all humans. However, Freud suggests that a failure to resolve the oedipal issue, which is usually by the absence or weakness of the same-sex parent, escorts the child to homosexuality as soon as he reaches adulthood.

In Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, it is evident that fiction is denoted by some supernatural powers but which can&nbsp.only be useful if the unrestricted power is fantasized for the desire for mastery-based on self-knowledge, otherwise, the misuse or inefficient use of magical powers only results in destruction.


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