You will interview a 60 year old, or older wise woman. Choose someone that you look up to, and identify as being a strong role model. Explain to them that you are interviewing them as part of an assignment for a class on aging. You will NOT be required to supply their name, so assure them that the information they tell you will be CONFIDENTIAL.

You are to use the suggested topic areas here to cover in the interview. The learning objective for this assignment is for you to gain perspective on your interviewees life history, and to get a feel for the types of changes they’ve experienced as they have aged. You are to summarize the interview information in a life story format in a paper, in addition, include a reflection of how your interview has changed your perspective in some way. Your paper will be typewritten, double spaced, 3-5 pages. This assignment is worth 100 points total.

Age of the person interviewed: _______

Relationship (e.g., mother, etc.) of interviewed person to you: ______________________

Potential topics to be covered during interview:

What was life like for her when she was a young adult in her 20?s?
What was it like for her growing up in her family?
What types of physical/health changes has she experienced as part of normal aging (or illness)?
What types of changes has she experienced in social relationships (e.g., marital, friendships, with their children)?
What kind of career do/did she have (e.g., prior work experiences)?
What types of cognitive/memory/intellectual changes does she report having occurred with age?
Who has been affected/influenced by her life? In what ways?
What has been their biggest challenge in her life? How did she overcome this challenge?
What does she view as her greatest strength?
What is her best piece of advice for future generations?
Any other information?
In your reflection, describe why you chose this wise woman, and what makes her a wise woman to you.


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