You will prepare and submit a term paper on Why Continuous Skill Development is Essential for Success and Employment. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. As the means by which individuals can cope with changing employment conditions, organisations can maintain their ability to adapt and succeed and the nation can enhance its competitiveness. However, despite such grand hopes, pinning down the concept can be elusive and turning the rhetoric into anything that can serve as a firm basis for action can be frustrating.”

We, as students, are required to sit for hours for few years (four years for us) in classrooms to get adequate training, making certain that they would be fully equipped when they start to spread their wings. At times, sitting inside the room and forcing one’s self to attentively listen to a somewhat boring lesson could be frustrating. The majority do not appreciate the fact that each session is an opportunity to learn new things—or in some cases—to enhance what had already been learned. Most of us students are not even aware, not until after graduation perhaps, that every single lesson is important and would one day be an indispensable tool in attaining a high paying job.

For instance, becoming skilled at debits and credits in basic accounting will one day help in a significant way, in numerous ways. Accounting is something that we make use of every day, and it can also aid in getting a good career. A trial balance had been confusing, but as I tried to study I have also come to understand it. Indeed, it can be said that each lesson, no matter how little, can create a great impact on person employability. Each moment in the classroom, when given importance can result in greater output.

There are countless benefits when a person goes to school and when he puts his heart to it. Having a genuine interest to learn, no matter how difficult, is one good way to start a promising future. As I have gradually mustered to speak English each day at the university, I have also mustered the courage to interact with classmates from different parts of the world. It is a fact that English is the universal language and it is a remarkable instrument for me to one day get a job that I wish for.


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