Review the following theoretical perspectives on development: psychodynamic theories (e.g., Freud), psychosocial theories (e.g., Erikson), behaviorist (learning) theories (e.g., Watson, Skinner), social learning theories (e.g., Bandura), cognitive developmental theories (e.g., Piaget), information-processing theories (e.g., Siegler), and bioecological theories (Bronfenbrenner). Respond to the questions in an APA-formatted paper that is no less than two full pages and no more than four full pages (excluding cover page and references page).

Question 1: Which theory or theories focus more on the importance of nature than nurture? Which theory or theories take a strong position that nurture is more important than nature?

Question 2: Which theory or theories focus on the universality of development more than diversity of individuals?

Question 3: Which theory or theories focus more on qualitative change than on quantitative change?

Question 4: Which theory or theories focus more on discontinuity than on continuity over development?


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