Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on whether physician-assisted suicide is ethical for terminally ill patients. By looking at existing literature on physician-assisted suicide and attendant debate, one can become more informed about this issue and reach more logical conclusions. It is often difficult to reach logical conclusions on issues that are surrounded by a lot of debate, especially when the debate is political. People remember names like Terri Schaivo and Jack Kervorkian, and they have a certain sensationalist image of the process. But overall, this is a process that may be best seen on a case to case basis.

them too much pain or mean that they would be in a vegetative coma or a state where they cannot communicate or move or have brain function and want the doctors to discontinue saving them through life support. Ethics also involves something that doctors&nbsp.take called the Hippocratic Oath, which is what medical ethics comes from, the abovementioned promise that the physician takes in the oath, not to do any harm to the patient. “In many respects, the modern death-with-dignity debate is an extension of the ethical, legal, and medical arguments surrounding the New Jersey Supreme Courts unanimous ruling on March 31, 1976, that allowed Julia and Joseph Quinlan to remove their daughter Karen from life-support equipment” (Hallock, 1999). There are many different individual cases.

As noted above, there are many arguments about euthanasia because it is an ethical issue and many people disagree on ethical issues. Euthanasia is often also defined as mercy killing, n which a doctor or another person permits someone to die because they are seen to be hopelessly sick or injured. “Assisted suicide, particularly in the health care context, exists amid a continuum of end-of-life interventions. Any analysis of the ethics… must begin by making clear… Assisted suicide refers to making available to an individual, the means to take his or her own life” (Mathes, p. 261). Many people think that euthanasia is favorable because it&nbsp.spares people of pain and suffering and lets people make their own choices about whether to die or not.&nbsp.&nbsp.


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