Written Assignment:-

This written assignment requirement is for an examination of the hypotheticals presented below, submitted in APA format, using 12 point font. Please try to contain your analyses within a concise, five to seven (5-7) page format. In addition, your paper should include a cover page, abstract and reference page. A total of 2 external scholarly sources must be cited in support of your position.

Required Reading:
?Albanese, Jay, Professional Ethics in Criminal Justice, 3rd Ed., Prentice Hall 2012.

?Chapters 1-5

?Required Videos: Professional Ethics – When a Cop Goes Bad: http://vasc.alexanderstreet.com.ezproxy.bellevue.edu/view/1678980
The Belli Tapes: Winning at Trial -http://vasc.alexanderstreet.com.ezproxy.bellevue.edu/view/1748313

Case #1
Robyn was in love with a bad boy. “Little John” (LJ) was a small time drug dealer and member of the street gang known as “The Rogues”. As part of her initiation into the gang, Robyn was required to accompany LJ on one of his convenience store raids, where a few gang members would rob stores at gunpoint to get more money to fuel their operation. Robyn was simply asked to be the driver of the getaway vehicle. On the night of her first robbery, Robyn witnesses LJ pull out a gun, point it at the cashier, collect the money and turn to leave. At that point, unnoticed by LJ, the clerk reaches below the counter, pulls out at small caliber handgun and point it at the back of LJ’s head as he was leaving the store. In an instant, Robyn reacted by flooring the gas pedal and driving her car through the front of the store and into the counter and the cashier. The cashier was killed instantly.

Case #2
Arthur O’Grady was the assistant deputy county attorney for Dogless County. One of the cases to which he was assigned was a prosecution of a local prostitute, Selma, for lewd and lascivious conduct and for soliciting prostitution. Arthur had known Selma as a street walker for years and he understood that she was uneducated, a drug addict and the mother of three small children. He had actually visited her house on a previous arrest and found it clean, neat and the children well cared for. He understood that the income she derived from her profession was all the money that came in to support both her children and her drug habit. Selma was not on any form of public assistance or welfare and had no other criminal history. Arthur was aware of the local ordinance against soliciting prostitution and he was aware of the societal disapproval of the activity. However, when her case came up for review, Arthur chose to purposefully miss a filing deadline and her case was dismissed.

In both of these cases, individuals are making decisions which appear to be at odds with the general social ethic. Examine each of these two examples using the textual materials outlining:
1.) Virtue Ethics of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle
2.) Ethics of Formalism and the works of Emmanuel Kant
3.) Utilitarianism and the works of John Stuart Mill

Using all of the ethical models presented, critically examine these hypotheticals to determine if there are any circumstances under which the behavior could be viewed as ethical. Don’t forget to cite to two outside resources as well. Please recall that Wikipedia is not an accepted resource.


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