n this project, you will prepare a multi-media presentation to teach a fellow student more about the laws that you learned about in this unit. Your project will focus on three laws of your choice, so think about which ones you understood best. Choose three from this list:

Boyle’s Law
Charles’s Law
Gay-Lussac’s Law
Avogadro’s Law
Graham’s Law

The purpose of your presentation will be to explain how to apply these laws. Your target audience should be a fellow student who has some knowledge of chemistry, but needs additional help with these specific laws.
For each law that you explain, include the following:

History of law (maximum one slide)
The formula, and what the formula stands for (maximum one slide)
Example Problems: explain how to solve both problems clearly, step by step (use as many slides as you need to clearly illustrate your steps)

Each slide should include information as well as a visual aid (picture, video, animated gif, etc). Keep your slides informative but concise.
I recommend creating your presentation online. Google Presentations is a function of Google Drive. (You will need a Gmail account to use this service, but these are free, safe, and reliable.) This is essentially a free, online version of PowerPoint.

Go to drive.google.com. Log in to your Google account.
“Create” a “Presentation.”
Complete your project according to the above instructions.
Go to “File” and then “Share.”
Under “Who Has Access,” locate the default “Private.”
Beside “Private,” locate “Change…”
Select instead “Anyone with the link.”
Place the URL in your assignment submission.
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