ubmit Copy of 1 Scholarly Article on your Research Topic
Okay, Folks. Your Essay #2 is now pretty much the foundation of your Research Paper, except you have avoided what is called “Source Anxiety” by not going out to look for expert articles that would cramp your style and inhibit your voice.�� Well, guess what?�� That time is over now.�� For your research requirements for the next phase of the paper, you will need 5 sources:�� 2 of the sources must be “Scholarly Articles” or what is called “Peer-Reviewed” articles from Scholarly Journals in your subject area.�� The other 3 can be websites of reputable and reliable sources, such as the sites I first gave to you for background research.�� Other sources could be government websites, trade journals or websites, university websites or organizations such as for example, AARP, or the National Organization of Women, or the NAACP– that is, legitimate organizations.��
Read Section R2 Carefully for details.�� Use the Databases like ProQuest and AcademicOne File to search for articles published in scholarly journals.


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