Project 1: Research an Issue in Corrections (20 Points)

No directly quoted material may be used in this project paper.

Resources should be summarized or paraphrased with appropriate in-text and Resource page citations.

Important: Before beginning this assignment, read all of the assignments for the course.  The topic for this semester for all three major assignments will deal with the use of Restrictive Housing in correctional facilities.

Project Objectives

To research a specific issue (Restrictive Housing in Correctional Facilities) in the field of correctional management.  Restrictive Housing may be called by different names in various correctional systems, depending upon how the housing units are utilized e.g. segregation, separate confinement, protective custody, special management, discipinary detention, administrative detention, etc..

To critically analyze journal articles that reflect current or recent perspectives on that issue.


  • Find two (2) journal articles relating to the use of Restrictive Housing (RH) in correctional facilities. One article should be in support of the use of RH and one article should oppose the use of RH.
    • The UMUC Library is an excellent source for journal articles.
    • See Resources>Library on the classroom toolbar, or see Content>Guide to Criminal Justice Resources.
  • Identify at least three reasons why inmates are placed in RH.
  • Identify at least two pros and two cons regarding the use of RH in correctional facilities.
  • Summarize the main points of both articles and then compare those main points.  Based on your review of the articles, what is your opinion regarding the appropriateness of the use of Restrictive Housing as a management tool in correctional facilities?


Use of Restrictive Housing in Correctional Facilities

Format Requirements:

The paper should be a minimum of three, maximum of five pages in APA format.

Narrative pages; Double space, 12 pt. font,

1″ margins

Use APA format guidelines for all in-text and reference page citations

Include reference page using APA format guidelines (not included in page count)

NOTE: All source materials cited on the reference page must have a corresponding in-text citation in the narrative of the paper.


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