I need some assistance with these assignment. women in business and management Thank you in advance for the help! To gauge the truth in these notions, Miss Sandra Harding of James Cook University was interviewed for this research report. She is an immaculate leader of modern times and she has led her organization to success through one post or the other. Upon research, it was found that her personality traits of compassion and empathy have been instrumental in making her a great leader. She never faced any stereotyping issues, majorly because the people that she works within are from the academics who have been great advocates of equality amongst both the genders. She considers teamwork as necessary to become a great leader. giving equal importance to all in such a situation. Also, she believes that without the support of a support system, either friend or family, it is impossible to work as hard and give your full attention to work and related matters. Therefore, support is important as well. All in all, there are many similarities between the theories that we have studied and in reality, however, women are now becoming empowered to become leaders and be good at it as well.

Leadership is the process by which one individual influences others to accomplish desired goals. Within the business organization, the leadership process takes to form of a manager who influences subordinates to accomplish goals defined by top management. Leadership is a phenomenon that changes in a variety of ways when it comes to the gender which has occupied this responsibility. The women is a delicate being by nature and taking such a powerful position, that of a leader demands a balancing act between these sensitivities and command. (Miller, 2010)

The social structure that we live in is mainly dominated by men. And thus, when women occupy such a strong position, one in which many men would have to abide by what she says or where the final word will be hers, the phenomenon becomes complicated, and its dynamics change than what they were if a man had been a leader.


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