(Total: 18 points) Please make sure to do your computations using Excel. Do not do computations using Table A or on a calculator and then type the answers into Excel.
1. The weights of electronic circuit boards produced by a certain manufacturer have a Normal distribution with a mean of 255 grams and a standard deviation of 3.5
grams. (a) (4 points) What percent of circuit boards weigh more than 260 grams? (b) (4 points) What is the standardized value for a circuit board that weighs 260
grams? (c) (4 points) What percent of observations from a standard Normal distribution N (0, 1) take values larger than the standardized value from part (b)? (d) (2
points) Are your answers to parts (a) and (c) similar? (Don���t simply answer yes or no. Explain how they are or are not similar.) (e) (4 points) What is the weight that
should be stamped on each circuit board so that only 1% of circuit boards are underweight?


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