The purpose of this assignment is to identify linkages between psychology, technology and the human resources function of organizations.
1. View the HR expert David Ulrich’s video A guide for the HR Professional
2. Review Chapter 11 in Armstrong and Mitchell (2019)
3. Read at least five additional journal articles related to the relationship between psychology, technology and human resources.
4. Identify two resource professionals from different organizations who you admire to interview related to the perceived contributions of psychology and technology to the human resources function in their organization.
5. 5. Prepare an interview protocol of questions you want to ask. Use the sane protocol with each interviewee.
6. Arrange for and conduct interviews.
7. Prepare a “ Psychology Linkages to Human resources” paper that:
a. Is 7-8 pages in length
b. Briefly describes your interviews and their organization
c. Summarizes the results of each interview
d. Use examples fro the interviews to illustrate how psychological knowledge and technology appear to influence the human resources professional’s role performance
e. Indicates where you think the application of new technologies is leading the Human Resources field
f. Discusses how a business psychologist might add value to the human resources function in an organization. Support your value-added argument with citations from your journal article research.
g. Includes an as Appendix the interview protocol that you used.
h. Included citations from at least five professional journals.


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