Need help with my writing homework on The Impact of Intercommunal Violence. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Scholars have endeavored to trace the sources of intercommunal violence and to suggest what might be the cause and preconditions of the incidence of such a phenomenon. Sabrina Petra Ramel (2005) listed some of the popular reasons which include bad leadership such as what happened in Yugoslavia in the early 1990s as well as the use of the media and of other means of propaganda in order to change the way people view one another and treat one another. (p. 138)

In Coite d’Ivoire, rebels and government alike commit intercommunal violence in their battle for supremacy and control. For instance, among the atrocities committed by the rebels include extortion and pillaging of goods while individuals suspected to be government collaborators, sympathizers and spies are summarily executed, tortured and raped. (Human Rights Watch 2006, p. 87)

There are instances when intercommunal violence is considered within the framework of a self-fulfilling religious prophecy. This is true in the Arab-Israeli conflict, where Jewish extremists, just like Arab extremists, are certain today that the other side is out to kill them and are doing their best to strike first. “There is consequently a vicious circle of violence and counter-violence in the [Israeli] occupied territories which play directly into the hands of the extremists of both sides.” (Marty 1993, p. 485)

Growing ethnic diversity tends to foster intercommunal conflict and violence, but usually only in conjunction with other aggravating factors. In some countries, waves of refugees from neighboring&nbsp.countries have upset a sensitive ethnic balance and have caused the outbreak of violence. The growing ethnic heterogeneity of societies around the world has prompted some to predict that the incidence of intercommunal violence will further increase in the very near future. (Bryn jar 2005, p.


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