Overview: The final project for this course consists of a critical analysis that addresses a contemporary issue in addictions related to a substance or behavior, based on traditional models and theories of addiction. This analysis will demonstrate your ability to integrate scholarly research with addiction theory. Ideally, the issue selected should be professionally interesting and meaningful to you, and it should be directly applicable to the critical elements listed in the prompt. You will evaluate the issue using research in peer-reviewed psychology journals, as well as addictions- and health-related journals, to evaluate claims regarding the validity, reliability, ethics, and broader implications of the issue from multiple perspectives and stakeholders.

For example, consider that a current issue in the field of addictions is the impact of methamphetamine. Your analysis could focus on how this substance has challenged society on every level, ranging from medicine to law enforcement, and it is challenging traditional and current models of addictions. The power of this substance may actually be providing a link that may unlock the age-old debate of the nature of addiction, moral versus medical.

For milestone one, you will describe a contemporary problem and discuss its’ relationship to traditional theories of addiction (personality theory or the disease model).

Prompt: You will write a 4-5 page paper that addresses each of the following critical elements:

I. First, select an addictive substance that is either illegal or has been reclassified as legal at some point in the last decade.

1. Describe Your Issue a. Describe a contemporary problem that is the focus of your analysis with full details with respect to your selected substance or behavior.

2. Differentiate Behavioral, or Process, Addictions and Social Norms for Their Applicability to Your Issue a. Explain major types of behavioral, or process, addictions that are commonly discussed in the field of addictions and discuss their applicability to this issue. b. Explain social norms that are commonly discussed in the field of addictions and discuss their applicability to this issue.

3. Explain the Impact a. Explain the impact of this issue with respect to traditional models and theories of addiction.

WRITER’S PROMPT: I would like to focus on methamphetamine Also please see the American Psychological Association for ethics guidelines Thanks


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