Foner, E., Give Me Liberty: An American History, 4th Edition, W. W. NORTON & Company Chapters 5 – 6.

Pay special attention to the Common Sense excerpt in the Voices of Freedom box in Chapter 5. Also, read the Declaration of Independence in the Appendix of your textbook. You may use Chapter 5 as background material on Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson. Once all reading is complete, respond to the following items:

Compare the backgrounds of Jefferson and Paine; did Paine have an advantage or disadvantage by not being born in the colonies? Explain.
Examine the language used in both documents; who is the audience for each writer?
Why does Jefferson not discuss slavery in the Declaration?
What do Paine and Jefferson say about the monarchy in their respective documents?
Why does Jefferson focus more on the king than parliament?
Required to submit an posting (200 words minimum) that addresses the items above in your own words.


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