With the beginning of Book VII of the Republic, be known as the “Allegory of the Cave”, Plato provide us with an image of ignorant humanity trapped in the shadowy depths of illusion. The rare individual escapes the limitations of that cave and through a long, and tortuous, intellectual journey, discovers a higher realm, a true reality. As a result of this enlightenment; however, that individual is frequently misunderstood and outcast by those remaining in the dark cave.

Written approximately 350 years before the birth of Christ, Platod allegory addressed the idea that people find it difficult to perceive truth (reality). Write a paper in which you explore, through a contemporary example, how Platos argument is still relevant in the 21st century- given all of the centuries of “progress” since it was written. (20 years later) Implying that time changes but so much about the time is the same.

1. make note of specific passages and quotations from the “Allegory” that guide your thinking.

2. Make connections between those passages and your contemporary example

3. Forming an argument. This argument should be a single sentence (your claim) that summarizes the point you want to make in your paper, the conclusion you want your reader to reach with you, the goal you hope to accomplish. (Thesis)

4. Each of your body paragraphs should clearly help you prove your arguments and support your project. Use quotations to define terms and concepts and to offer examples of those ideas that support your argument.

Things to look out for:

-whether or not you’ve addressed the topic.

– introduction of author/essay: always introduce the author(s) (first and ask name) and the title of the essay(s) the first time you reference them. Refer to the author(s) by way name route the rest of your paper. DO NOT CONFUSE PLATO WITH SOCRATES.

– A clear thesis statement. Have you developed an angle? Are you specific? Does your paper follow that thesis (claim) all the way through to the end?

-whether you’ve chosen appropriate examples/quotations to support your argument

-whether or not you have successfully defended your point of view


-rough drafts must be at least 2 pages; final drafts should be 3 FULL PAGES!

-use MLA citation for all quotations. You must refer to the wadsworth guide for help on MLA format.

-A works cited page

-Doubled Space, name, date, course and section # should appear on the first page, left-hand side. Your last name page number (Smith 2) should appear in the header of every page.

Introduction Tips:

1) Frame (1-2 sentences). Display a vast view by introducing the general aspect of the Topic

2) Focus (1-2 sentences). A closer view of the topic

3) Thesis (1 sentence). Explain the problem, introduce the reader to your side of view

4) Swing (1 sentence). Make a smooth and easy transition from the introduction to the body paragraphs


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