I need two-page business letter, explaining what the team from the USA should know when visiting your country. (It must be one of European or Middle East countries)  This is a letter from one CEO to another.  The USA team, of about 10 people, will be staying in the country from two weeks to a month.

You should use APA for information that needs to be cited. This means in-text parenthetical citations and a reference list.

What the CEO needs to know is up to you. Since this team is planning to stay a while, they are probably aware of the economy, currency, passports, immunizations, and have accommodations. Assume the team is not all men or all women and that they know the language of your country. However, you may also provide translators on occasion. What they may not know is what is necessary for a successful two-week or more stay. That part is up to you.

You may have to decide some issues on your own, for example, what month they are coming, where they will be staying, where the proposed distribution center might be located, what airport, and transportation they will use, the weather, and the itinerary. You do not have to include all this in the letter, but if you know it, then giving the CEO proper information should be easier.

As usual, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and accuracy do count.


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