synthesis table & analysis

· Discuss the synthesis tables

a. Present the table

b. Analyze the findings from each table

c. Summarize the finding from the tables


· Synthesize the findings from the evidence   table and the synthesis table to draw the final conclusion.

a. The conclusion may be to implement in practice   or not ready for implementation and more research is needed.

b. You must justify your conclusion with data!!

· Make recommendations for practice   implementation or research that needs to be done depending on your   conclusion.

systematic reviews of descriptive and qualitative research

1. Are the results of the study valid?

1a. Was there a representative and a well-defined sample of patients at similar of patients at a similar point in the course of the disease?

1b. Was follow-up sufficiently long and complete?

1c. Were objective and unbiased outcome criteria used?

1d. Did the analysis adjust for important prognostic risk factors and confounding variables?

2. What are the results?

2a. What is the magnitude of the relationship between predictors and targeted outcomes?

2b. How likely is the outcome event in a specified period of time?

2c. How precise are the study estimates?

3. Will the results help me in caring for my patients?

3a. Were the study patients similar to my own?

3b. Will the results lead directly to selecting or avoiding therapy?

3c. Would the results be used to counsel patients?


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