Support individuals with self-directed support

1. Understand self-directed support;

1.1. Explain the principles underpinning self-directed support and how this differ from traditional support:

1.2. Explain the benefits of an individual having self-directed support:

1.3. Explain how legislation, policy or guidance underpin self-directed support:

1.4. Explain what the following terms mean:

A. Indicative allocation

b. Supported self-assessment

c. support plan

d. outcome focused review

1.5. Outline the possible barriers to self-directed support:

2. Understand how to support individuals to direct their own support and develop their support plan;

2.1. Explain how to use person-centred thinking to enable individuals to think about what is important to them, and how they want to be supported:

2.2. Explain how individuals can direct their own support if they do not have a personal budget:

2.3. Explain how person-centred planning can be used to inform a support plan:

2.4. Explain the roles of other who can assist individuals in developing their support plan:

2.5. Describe different ways that individuals can develop a support plan:

2.6. Describe a range of person-centred thinking tools that can be used to help individuals think about different ways they can spend their personal budget:

2.7. Describe what might be included in the costings for support plan:

3. Understand the different ways that individuals can use their personal budget;

3.1. Explain the different ways that individuals can use their personal budget to buy support:

3.2. Research innovative ways that individuals can spend their personal budget other than buying social care services:

3.3. Explain what restrictions may be imposed on personal budgets:

3.4. Describe the criteria that are used to sign off a support plan:

3.5. Describe a person-centred approach to risk that ensures that individuals have what is important to them whilst staying healthy and safe:

6. Be able to support individuals with an outcome-focused review:

6.1. Explain the process of an outcome-focused review:


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