Advanced writing
The New York Review of Books has asked you to review one or both articles for their readers. What argument do the authors make about these issues and what are the
strengths and weaknesses of their approach and/or conclusions?
Keep in mind that the New York Review of Books publishes review essays, differentiated from regular book reviews by their length and by their emphasis on analysis
rather than summary. Reviews of this type acknowledge the complexity of the issue and use the occasion to offer insights that go beyond a simple thumbs up or thumbs
down. You should provide a cogent summary of the readings, but the power of your analysis will reside in your careful evaluation of their claims. Your thesis driven
essay should be 6-7 pages in length.
Finally, remember that your goal is NOT primarily to argue for one side of the particularly controversy although your position may become clear in the course of your
review. Rather, the goal is to uncover the different perspectives on the issue and evaluate the assumptions, strengths and limits of their claims.
The topic is rape culture. The articles are :
1)College women:stop getting drunk By Emily Yoffe
2)The longest war by Solnit


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