1.Respond to the statement below in 250 words
2.Add your knowledge.
3.Do you agree or disagree.
4.Ask one to two questions.
Strategic mapping is an excellent tool to define and visualize organizational or departmental goals. It helps the creators define and simplify goals and shows how they
are interconnected. It forced me to think hard about the top priorities of our department and how to achieve and measure them.
Yes, because the balanced scorecard should have a limited number of measures, sometimes identifying the correct measures to watch can be tricky and result in the
absence of important measures. Measures such as the Admits/K is a leading indicator in my organization that can be measured daily in real time, however, it is
actually the sum of numerous processes occurring in synchrony to achieve the number, and it does not inform the user which process is working or not working. The
balanced scorecard should also reflect the most important initiatives of the organization and therefore work on less important initiatives will not be reflected.
The balanced scorecard is an opportunity to review goals and strategies to obtain those goals, whether on a personal or organizational level. A student should be able
to create personal academic learning goals and then look at the program they are enrolled in to see if those learning goals are being met. If they are not being met, a
review and redirection with the program director should be undertaken. Because the strategy map can be created on an individual, departmental or organizational level,
it is important to review your daily work to see if it alligns with the strategy maps of the department and organization. Time should be prioritized on the most
important goals. question


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