OTHER: This is 250 words an in class essay to write about the writing process of my my out of class essay which I uploaded. i need only one page answering the following questions
1. introduce the topic in 1 or 2 sentences
2. Next, Write a brief description/summary ( 250 words) of your out of in class essay ( influence of social media on democracy), and include the following.
-State your position(claim)in response to assignment question (Do you think social media is good for democracy? Why or why not?
-Which reason are you planning to provide to support your claim ?
-Explain how you are planning to develop your ideas(i,e., what kind of example are you planing to include.

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PREVIOUS PAPER INSTRUCTIONS (#325837577): Argumentative (Position) Essay


After completing assigned readings—
“Facebook Is Now a Vital Part of Our Democracy” by Jakob Ohme
(https://theconversation.com/facebook-is-now-a-vital-part-of-our-democracy-94777) and “Social (Net)Work: How Does Social Media Influence Democracy?” by Hillary Grigonis
— write an essay that presents your informed stance or opinion—your position—on the influence of social media on democracy.

Do you think social media is good for democracy? Why or why not?

Qualify your position by collecting information from sources, considering opinions of others, and relying on your personal experiences and observations.


1. In your introduction:
• Introduce the topic.
• Provide background information as necessary and present two sides.
• State the essay’s thesis—a claim (assertive statement of your position) stated in response to assignment question.
• Note: You can include the reasons in support of your claim in the introduction (either before the claim or after it), or state each reason as a topic sentence at the beginning of each body paragraph.

2. The body of your argument will:
(a) provide logical support for each reason by using
• summarized, quoted or paraphrased materials from sources
• examples from personal experience
• analysis/commentary
(b) summarize the position of those who would oppose this argument and respond to the opposition point of view by either refuting it or conceding to it.

3. In your conclusion, place the argument in a larger context, perhaps by summarizing your main points and showing why this issue is an important one or by calling to action.


1. The essay needs to be written in the MLA format. The final draft should be a minimum of 1,000 words in length.


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