Avatar Movie – Qualitative Analysis
The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with the opportunity to apply their
knowledge of qualitative research methods by analyzing the Avatar movie
This assignment requires you to watch the Avatar movie and analyze it using your qualitative researcher lenses. You may view it with your classmates, but the analysis of
it must be done independently.
1. Write a one- to-two-page report (cover page not included in page number) by answering the following questions:
o Purpose: What are the researches doing in Aurora?(1pt)
o Methods: (4 pts)
? What qualitative research methods were used by the researchers?
Make sure to name them all and explain how they were used.
? What sampling method did the researchers used?
? What standard (Contemporary Positivist Standard, Social
Constructivist Standards, or Empowerment Standards) would you use to evaluate the research being done in Pandora, and why?
? Were there any identifiable Ethical issues? Which ones, and
explain why.
o Result: What were the results of the research in Aurora?(1pts)
o Recommendations: As the lead researcher, what would you recommend future researchers to keep the same and do differently when exploring other cultures and planets? (3pts)
2. Write in APA style (third person) and use correct grammar and spelling. (1pt)


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