Cliff Bar – Product or Services (Pollution)

1 page:

– What is the social or environmental issue you are focusing on? Explain it to us.

– What are the broader implications of this issue from an environmental and/or social perspective?

– Why does this issue matter from a business perspective?

– What is the company you are focusing on? What is its business model? How does the company earn

revenue? How does it attract and retain clients? Where are its major costs? Who are its

competitors? How are they treating this issue? How might its key stakeholders respond to this issue?


– How might this issue impact the company’s financial or long-term well being?

– Do you believe that this issue is currently being well-managed by the company? Why or why not?

What would you recommend the company do differently?

1 page: detail the topic you are writing about, why you believe it is of importance to the company, and offer a recommendation.

It should be written in a concise and professional


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