Select 3 classrooms that serve students with physical and/or health impairments. Two observations must be in different grade levels and one placement must be in a Title 1 school. Let the classroom teacher know you are working to identify and evaluate instructional, behavioral, and social skills accommodations/modifications for students with physical and/or health impairments.
Note: You may choose to do one of the 5-hour observations in a regular educational setting which serves at least one student with a physical and/or health impairment.
Identify a minimum of 10 accommodations and/or modifications that the teachers used to assist students with physical and/or health impairments. Describe them in detail and then evaluate them according to research findings from a minimum of five references. Use a eLibrary or scholarly resources for your research. Make suggestions regarding more appropriate accommodations and/or modifications. This section of your essay is entitled Research-based Evaluation of Accommodations and/or Modifications.
Select three accommodations/modifications to implement with a student who has a physical or health impairment (you may use three different students if desired). Implement them under the auspices of the mentor teacher. Conduct the implementation with the following questions in mind for the section of the essay entitled Self-evaluation of Accommodations/Modifications Implementation:
What were the accommodations/modifications you implemented? Why did you choose them?
Did the implementation of the accommodations/modification unfold smoothly and effectively? Why or why not?
What element(s) of the accommodations/modification was/were most effective?
What aspect(s) of the accommodations/modification was/were difficult to facilitate? Did it negatively impact the overall success of the lesson? How so?
How did you interpret the level of student engagement and motivation during the implementation of the accommodations/modifications? How would you suggest it to be modified to heighten its effectiveness?
Defend your use of, or your rejection of, each accommodation/modification within this section of the essay.
Obtain parental permission to access the student’s IEP (or choose one of the three students). Analyze the student’s IEP and answer the following questions as the third section of your Benchmark Assessment essay entitled IEP Analysis:
Which accommodations/modifications are listed in the IEP that would be effective to use with this student?
Which accommodations/modifications are listed in the IEP that would not be effective to use with this student?
Are there any modifications/accommodations that are not considered or discussed in the IEP that would be effective to use with this student? Explain.
Write a 1250 -1500- word essay that encompasses the three sections. Ensure that responses to the above questions are inherent within the essay and not simply short answer. Use standard essay format in APA style, including an introduction, conclusion, and title page. An abstract is required. Cite in-text and in the References section.


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