Discussion Question 1:

Since HIPAA was implemented, you have been drowning in your audit trail reviews. You have finally obtained permission from administration to develop and use triggers to help with the review. These triggers, although not eliminating review of the audit trail, can be used to identify potential problems much more quickly and easily than using a manual review. Now that you finally have approval, you have to develop the triggers to be used. Administration wants to review your proposed triggers before they are implemented.

Identify 10 triggers that you will present to administration for approval. (NOTE: these are HIPAA audit triggers not billing or claims triggers)

Cite your sources.

Discussion Question 2:

Choose one of the following topics: risk management, contingency planning, and data recovery. Design a policy or procedure related to the topic you chose. Please be detailed on your policy or procedure. Cite your references.

There are a lot of sources on line where you can find examples of these-types of policies and procedures.

A couple of key things to remember are:

1. They must be specific to your site. If your data recovery involves working with a cloud server, then you must spell out how you will retrieve your data from the cloud, etc.

2. There must be a schedule for how often or when the P&P are reviewed and updated.

3. P&P should be reviewed and updated per the schedule and then approved by the board of directors. All P&P should have multiple signatures to show that they have been reviewed and are in compliance with hospital rules and regs as well as any Federal/state and regulatory guidelines.

4. All P&P must be available to all staff who need to have access to them. And all staff must be trained on and be familiar with them…how is that tracked?

Those are a couple of things to consider when creating your policies. My last piece of advice is to try not to recreate the wheel. Your P&P will not be too different from other facilities’. You may borrow P&P from other sites, but make sure you modify them to meet your own needs too. Also, most EHR vendors have a P&P template that relates to their system that are HIPAA compliant. Those are OK to use too…as long as they are modified to your site.

Answer in APA format along with a reference page. Each discussion question shouldn’t take more than a page or a little more than a page.


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