Research Project: Current Social Issues; To utilize and advance these skills, you will be writing a research-based essay that takes a position on a focused aspect of a current social issue. You will create an annotated bibliography with your initial research, which will assist in locating and articulating the focus of and connections between the texts you use to build your argument.

You will be using books, journals, magazines, websites, and newspapers to locate the most pertinent information possible when presenting and supporting your position. Additionally, you must acknowledge and analyze at least one perspective that differs from the position you are taking within your topic. This alternative perspective may be opposite yours, or it may just be slightly different. Whatever the distinction may be, you must interpret and analyze the separation between the positions.

Lastly, for extra credit you may create a form of public discourse (letter, blog, informative booth, etc.) that aims to inform or encourage action. For example, you may write a letter to an organization that works directly with your topic, or you can perform a public demonstration (speech or picket) that relays necessary information about your topic and position.

Part Two: Annotated Bibliography (see handout for specific requirements) (60 pts)

? Four Citations and Annotations Required (200 words each)
o Book
o Journal Article
o News Article
o Website

Part Three: Research Essay (200 pts)

? Your essay must take a position on a focused portion of a large social issue. For example, ?Education in America? is much too broad. A more manageable topic under ?Education? may be ?Education in America: The Evolving Role of the Community College? or ?Classroom Diversity: How California Public Schools Support Language Learners.?
? Your polished essay must be six pages long, in MLA style, and include a works cited and consulted page.
? You are required to include at least three sources within your text that work with your position and one with another perspective.
? Your audience is academic and generally informed.


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