Research Analysis paragragh Summary:ED511: Unit 4 Assignment: Research Analysis
An effective educator stays abreast of current research in the field of teaching and learning. Reading journal articles can help you learn new methods and gain new
knowledge that you can incorporate into your classroom. As a future educator, it is important to start getting into a research habit now.
The Kaplan University library offers access to a wide variety of journal articles. This resource will prove valuable to you as your work through the MAT program.
In this Assignment, you will conduct a library search for peer-reviewed journal articles that are written for educators on the topics of teaching and assessment.
Peer-reviewed articles have been through a rigorous check to ensure quality and accuracy. This is why it is important to find articles that have been through the
peer-review process.
To access the Kaplan Library, click on the link on your KU Portal page (the page you arrive at when you first log into Kaplan). Once you are in the KU library follow
these directions:
1. Choose a topic on teaching and assessment that interests you that pertains to education. You can choose the subject area of your choice, for example
researching teaching and assessment in middle school mathematics.
2. Access the Library by clicking the Library link under Course Home or going to
3. In the search box on the library welcome screen, type in words and phrases related to your topic.
4. Click to put a checkmark in the “Limit to Peer Reviewed��� box. (Located below the area where you typed.)
5. Click the Search button, results will open in a new window.
You should get a list of articles to make your selection. Pick three that seem most useful to your research. In a Word document, list the three complete article
references (use APA style), and give a brief summary (200���300 words each) of each. Explain why the articles would be helpful to you in your teaching practice.


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