Research a recent child advocacy case or event via the media, books, movies, and/or articles.  Please include a link to the resource that was used for all your classmates. You must cite (in APA format) your sources of information to receive full credit. Posts should be 4-5 complete paragraphs.

  1.  In detail, describe the case or event.
  2. Describe the reason you were moved to choose this case/event.
  3. What is currently being done? In your opinion, what should be done?
  4. Please provide thoughtful comments to two (2) of your peers’ posts.  Simply stating “I (dis)agree” or “great post” will not earn full credit.

Initial responses will be due Wednesday, October 30th at 11:59pm, please reply to two of your peers by Sunday, Nov. 3rd at 11:59pm.

This discussion is worth 75 points. **15 points will be deducted for students who post a blank or false entry first in order to read other students responses before they post their actual entry after.


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