Weekly Discussion #5: Religion and MoralityThis Discussion involves an interactive website which asks you a series of questions about Morality and Religion. The text of the experiment is a little irreverent,
but does a nice job in helping you understand the Euthyphro Dilemma. The experiment is meant to determine how consistent your beliefs about morality and religion are.
If you have lots of inconsistencies according to the cite, do not be offended. This is typically the case.
Better understand the logic of the Euthyphro Dilemma
Reflect carefully on the relationship between religion and morality.
Gain perspective on how your classmates think about morality and religion.
Assignment Instructions
Go to Philosophy Experiments website and take the interactive experiment called “Talking With God: The Euthyphro Dilemma.” Read the first page, then click continue.
Answer each question by clicking on the relevant circle. Pick the answer that most closely matches what you believe. Click “continue” at the end of each page.
Carefully read the analysis at the end. “Tensions” refer to APPARENT inconsistencies in your view. It may be that these are not actually contradictions and you can
explain why if you wish in your post. “Stringency” refers to how much your conception of God matches that traditionally held by members of religions in the Abrahamic
tradition (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam).
For your initial post write two well developed paragraphs about your results and your reactions to the experiment. Were there any “tensions” in your view? Did you come
down in favor of divine command theory or the view that the good is independent of God’s will? Did the experiment cause you to re-think your view. Why or why not? (due


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