Relation between Electric Vehicle and Grid
The proposal should contain the following SECTIONS 1 through 5. The instructor will review the proposal and may suggest changes or suggest another topic; in those cases there would be a required ���revised proposal���.
1. Based on the course materials, what is a (class-paper-sized) problem or idea related to electric vehicles, or related to the interaction between EVs and the grid? The problem should address interactions between or among systems (driver and vehicle, vehicle and charging station, vehicle and grid, policy and manufacturers, etc); a paper on just one component is less likely to be approved by instructor as a proposal.
How are you going to carry out review of publications, or a small amount of data collection, to address your problem or idea? For the proposal, list at least three peer- reviewed publications you will use as sources (either journal articles or US National Lab reports), typically the final paper would be expected to have more publications cited, for grad students, say, 10+.
What type of analysis will you do with the material collected in 2?
What are possible conclusions that you might draw from 2 and 3?
What is the significance of your potential conclusions? That is, how might your
conclusions be used, either in the academy (a new theory or improved understanding) and/or in the outside world (better basis for EV design, policies, marketing of EVs, other)?


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