Write a report under distinct headings explaining the steps in the recruitment process for a specific job and providing relevant material at each stage (a job advert, a c.v. etc as stated below)

Please note: For resit students this is an individual report, with no practical component.





1. Source or create a job advert


This could be published, or you could create one.

2. Comment on the potential effectiveness of this job advert

50-100 words

Would it attract the right people, is it noticeable, is it posted in the right paper / site?

3. Create a Job Description and Person Specification OR a competency framework for the job advert


This may be provided with the advert: List the qualities /traits / experience / attitudes / behaviours etc required in applicants.

4. Evaluate how component 3 relates to the job advert, or if this is provided with the job advert, briefly assess how well they relate

50-100 words

For example, if the job is for a managerial post does component 3 specify leadership qualities?

5. Candidate CV

2 pages max, preferably 1

A candidate CV to apply for the job (this will probably be fictitious, but may be based on your own c.v. if you wish. It will need to be adapted.

6. Explain whether the person named on the CV in preparation for the application meets, exceeds, or falls short of the requirements in some way

50-100 words

Perhaps the CV lacks evidence of being decisive in previous experience?

7. List of key assessment criteria for the job

100 words

3 or 4 key areas (e.g. ?level of decisiveness? ? bullet points are preferable.)

8. Justify how component 7 relates to component 3

50-100 words

e.g. ?level of decisiveness relates to ?leadership skills? as mentioned in the competency framework?

9. Creating methods and/or interview questions to assess the criteria, and relate this to the CV

200 words

Qu 1. ?To measure ?level of decisiveness?, ask the candidate to expand on her work at Samsung [as mentioned in her CV]: ?Please take us through any difficult decisions in reaching your sales target at Samsung in 2016?. With follow up questions, depending on her response, e.g. ?Did you feel any doubts about any of those decisions??

Qu 2?, Qu 3?, Etc

10. Explain how the questions and follow-up questions are likely to get the answers the company needs in order to assess the candidate.

Qu 1: This question should reveal if she went ahead anyway with decisions, perhaps in the face of controversy or resistance, in which case this would suggest a high level of decisiveness. The follow-up questions will explore the detail.

Qu 2?, Qu 3?, Etc


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