Reaction papers ask you to take theoretical material discussed in the text and to apply these concepts to your own experiences and/or observations. As you apply text concepts, you must clearly indicate them by underlining the concepts or using bold face type. A sample of Reaction Paper #2 is under the Content link, so you can see an example of how another student did this assignment.

All reaction papers must be typed and must be a minimum of two full pages and a maximum of four pages, double-spaced. Proofread carefully for typographical and grammatical errors, as these will negatively influence your grade. Pay close attention to the due dates in the Content link so you do not post work late. Late work will not be accepted.

Reaction paper 2:

This paper will focus on concepts from Chapter Seven: Nonverbal Communication Skills. Nonverbal communication is so pervasive that we are always relaying some kind of information about ourselves. The roles that our posture, gestures, body orientation, facial expressions and eye behaviors perform send messages that are interpreted by others. This assignment asks you to analyze your nonverbal communication and other?s reactions to it in two different situations.

You will complete the following activity twice. First, pick a nonverbal ?rule? which holds true in a given interpersonal setting or relationship. For example, appropriate gestures when interacting with your significant other may involve holding hands when you walk. Clearly describe the nonverbal rule you are using (describe the person(s) involved, the setting, relationship between the people involved, type of rule, etc.)

Second, break the rule, but be certain that the rule breaking is not overly extreme or illegal! For example, I would not go up to a total stranger and give the emblem of raising your middle finger, just to see his/her reaction. Nor should you consider doing this to a police officer or stranger who pulls up to you in your car!

Describe how you broke the rule. Third, explain the reactions (nonverbal and/or verbal) and sanctions, if any, you received upon violating this rule. Again, be certain to complete this activity twice, in two different settings, with different people and rules. You should include a minimum of five concepts from Chapters 1-7 to clarify your discussion. As the situation dictates, you may wish to explain your assignment to the person(s) involved in your rule violation.

You must violate a norm from two different nonverbal forms of communication out of the eight covered in the textbook. Violations using cell phones do NOT count as nonverbal violations, since they are actually verbal violations! See sample Reaction Paper #2 to see an example of what I am looking for in this assignment.

The categories of nonverbal communication you can choose from are:

1. Body movement and posture
2. Eye contact
3. Facial expression
4. Vocal cues
5. Space
6. Territory
7. Touch
8. Appearance
Make sure you bold the words that you use out of the chapters


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