Quantitative Methods in Management
Bfore I start explain the project steps. I want to mention that this project is going to be just ONE page no more and you have three days so, be sure to put the right
This page must include an introducation, analysis , excel TABLE that shows the years sales and conclusion. I will sent a file that has everything to explain what you
have to do.
simply I can describe it tro you. The project has four steps which an introducation, analysis , excel table that shows the years sales and conclusion. so be sure that
you chose the right number and describe it in the analysis part. See the attached files then tell me what you can not understand.
So this is just small example of the organising the project.
The objective of this research study is to use historical sales data in order to forecast the sales for bottles, cans, and draught kegs.
The analysis has 5 main parts as of right now plus the table. We will put it into paragraph form later.
Quantitative Methods used:
-Time Series Analysis- 1. look at slides that cover time series analysis. 2. Google YouTube videos that cover time series analysis.
-Regression Analysis 1. Look at slides that cover time series analysis. 2. Google YouTube videos
that cover that regression analysis.
Jury of Expert Opinion-This we will do after we do the time series analysis and the regression analysis. We get to decide how we want to do this. We can make an
average of the data for example.
Seasonality-We sell more in the summer.
Trends-The sales for bottles are higher but are decreasing. The sales for cans are lower but are increasing.
Requirements for the TABLE
Table will include the next 12 months. Forecasted sales, sales percentage increases/decreases, forecasting error (found in slides).
And here where you put the excel table…
We predict that that x will happen, y will happen, and z will happen based on the analysis


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