1. How does the topic of this book relate to what you are studying in class and reading about from the textbook?

2. Does this reading help you understand the material from class better, in more detail, or in its relationship to the real world? How?

3. The part of this book that I found most interesting was … Explain why.

4. I think that (name a person or group of persons) should read this book. Explain why you think this.

5. Reading this book made me think about (select an issue or a topic) in a new way. Explain.

Two final points are IMPORTANT. First, telling me that chapter 1 says this and chapter 2 says that and chapter 3 something else is not the idea and will likely result in your score for writing being low. Such an approach is boring and results in lots of quotes or borrowing text from the book without appropriate attribution. Second, your writing is being graded. Take care with it. Look at the grading rubric to get an idea of how important the writing is.

It is not really possible to separate writing from the economic content, so poor writing generally results in poor economics scores too.


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