Before beginning this assignment, review the material in the textbook and lesson content on the nature of intelligence and intelligence testing, including the materials on Sternberg?s theory and on Gardner?s theory.

Discussion Question
1. The original purpose of intelligence testing, as devised by Alfred Binet in France, was to classify children according to intelligence for subsequent placement in ?appropriate? educational settings. Assume the federal government is planning to implement a national screening program to place students in educational settings in such a way that both they and our nation will get the most benefit from their education. In other words, the most capable students will get an education allowing them to maximize their potential as scientists, business people, leaders, and so forth. Less talented students will be screened into less ambitious educational tracks.

Also, assume you are our nation?s top expert on the nature of intelligence. The government has asked you to outline a plan to convince the public the government?s plan is the best way to go. In a post to the discussion, write two to three paragraphs presenting your argument that the use of intelligence testing to screen students is not only appropriate but good for our nation. You can use any evidence from the textbook section on intelligence or the instructor commentaries in developing your argument.


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