Over  time energy use has shifted from coal to oil. In the module notes, it  talks about how the use of oil for our military machinery was one of the  reasons we won the war. Using coal in the machinery took up too much  room and time causing it to actually be detrimental. One of the terms  used is geopolitical scarcity which means to use energy resources as a  weapon to gain what that particular party is interested in (Bradshaw,  2014). This happened in the OPEC Oil Embargo 1973. During this event,  the cost of fuel skyrocketed because there was very little oil exported  to the U.S (Amadeo, 2019). This was in retaliation of President Nixon’s  decisions to take the U.S off the gold standard and to support Israel  against Egypt (Amadeo, 2019). The loss of importing fuel caused the  President to take action. The President lowered the speed limit for  everyone to 55 so that they would conserve fuel (Amadeo, 2019). In my  assessment, I think the Artic is fairing better than the Oil Embargo.  There hasn’t been anything major that happened because of it. I think  that Russia will end up with the resources that the Arctic has. They  have the closest boarders and the most land near it (Hallinan, 2014).  Considering there are billions of dollars’ worth of oil under the  surface, I don’t think it will be a peaceful negation.

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Bradshaw, M. (2014). Global energy dilemmas: Energy security, globalization, and climate change. Cambridge, UK: Polity Press.
Hallinan, C. (2014, November 13). The big chill: Tensions in the Arctic


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