This is a 25 page undergraduate research paper

12 pt print – Double spaced

A minimum of 30 references – Primary sources are greatly preferred

Must have in text citations

AAA format

The paper will be in standard scientific style with an introduction, methods, results, discussion and conclusion section.

A collective total of 10 hours of observation (this of course can be synthesized)

Species: Japanese Macaques

Location: the Lincoln park zoo in Chicago Illinois

Hypothesis: I believe the macaque troop at the zoo are more physically active on cooler days and less physically active on hotter days

Paper should be simple, clear, intelligent, and most importantly believable

Wild macaque populations should only be included in the first section (the overview of the species) and not afterwards because this is a report that focuses on a captive group at the zoo

The first section will be an Introduction and examination of the species.

The second section must present the theoretical background for the research and the hypothesis. Based on this section you will formulate a testable hypothesis for your observations at the zoo.

The third section is the methodology. The observation and statistical methods need to be described.
-The methods used should be Focal sampling and Scan sampling
-The data collected should add up to a total of 10 hours of observation. It. should not be on the same day but can be broken down to 4 days to make it simple

The fourth section will be the results- This will detail what was found in the research on the primates at the zoo.

The fifth section is the discussion and conclusions

All the written work will produce a single, major document on the species and the applicable theories.

No elaborate graphs or charts are necessary
A simple focal or scan sample chart would be appreciated

Mating or sexual activities of any kind should not be mentioned after the introductory section (section 1)


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