1. Using the gallery list provided below, find contemporary photographs (made within the last 10 years) that epitomize each of the following:

Pictorialist aesthetic
Late Modernism
In other words, you should upload three photographs: One for Pictorialist aesthetic, one for Late Modernism, and one for Appropriation. Then explain in detail how they are representative of their respective traditions. (1000 words)

Gallery List

Amador Gallery
Bonni Benrubi Gallery
Candace Dawn
Danziger Projects
Gagosian Gallery
Gitterman Gallery
Edwynn Houk Gallery
Luhring Augustine
Matthew Marks Gallery
Howard Greenberg
Jen Bekman
Janet Borden
Julie Saul Gallery
Laurence Miller
Pace/MacGill Gallery
Robert Miller
Ronald Feldman
Sasha Wolf Gallery
Sean Kelly Gallery
sepia EYE
Silverstein Photography
Soho Photo Gallery
Throckmorton Fine Art
Von Lintel Gallery
Yancey Richardson Gallery
Yossi Milo Gallery
Zabriskie Gallery

2. What should take greater importance: The intended meaning an artist gives to a work, or the viewer’s subjective interpretation of it? Should the viewer even try to determine what the artist is saying? What situations make this impossible, and what should the viewer do? If artistic intentions are irrelevant and meaning is uncontrollable, then what value can the artist provide? (500 words)


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