For this assignment Component 1 is done!!! *** I only need Component 2 completed. I will attach component 1 for clarity of the assignment. This assignment will be able Piaget’s Cognitive Stages of Development geared toward Bachelor’s level education majors.


The lesson objectives will also be attached.

Component 1: Instructional Materials

Design and submit your instruction materials for the lesson you will be conducting. This should be originally developed materials that are not currently available through your workplace or found on the Internet. Keep in mind the instructional materials should consist of a lesson plan, at least one instructional activity, and any materials that learners need to view or need to complete lesson (PowerPoints, worksheets, maps, and so forth). The lesson plan needs to provide instructions specific enough that it could be taught by a colleague.

Remember: any materials you design should correlate with the learning objectives developed previously.

Within your instructional plan be sure to include at least one activity that students will participate in that reinforces the concepts in the lesson. For example, if your lesson is how to write test questions, one of the activities could be to brainstorm qualities of poorly written test questions. Other activities can include incorporating games, creative activities, and puzzles. These activities are not designed for summative assessment purposes, but instead are included to reinforce the concepts presented in your lesson. Be creative!

Note: You do not need to develop assessment materials at this time, as they will be developed in the next phase of the project.

Component 2: Rationale for Pedagogical Approach

Now is also the time to think about how you will conduct your lesson. What style of pedagogy will you use? Will you base the design of your instructional materials on a specific theory of learning? What is the best approach to convey knowledge based upon the lesson content and the students? Think about not only what you will teach, but how you will teach the content.

For this part of the assignment you are required to:

  • Describe the students that will be the audience for the instruction. Include a description of their prior knowledge and an overview of any significant cultural or demographic factors that should be addressed through your instruction.
  • Explain the pedagogical method, based upon learning theory, that you will you use to conduct your lesson. Some examples include direct instruction, guided discovery, or constructivism.
  • Justify the choice for your pedagogical methods by providing research-based citations to support your approach. Be thinking about the following as you write your rationale:
    • How does the lesson ensure that instruction takes place in students’ zone of proximal development?
    • How do the activities designed to create disequilibrium in students’ thinking?
    • How are the learning tasks appropriate for the cognitive developmental stage of the students?
    • How do the activities that require students to engage in complex problem solving or critical thinking?
    • Are there activities that require students to engage in at least one of the triarchic intelligences (Sternberg’s theory)? If so, explain.

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