Conduct a secondary research of am market of your choice and prepare an evaluation which covers the following elements: overall market size and its main product segments, including sales/projections (value/volume); the main competitors in the market, including thier market share and market focus; the market consumer segments; the Macro and Global environmental influences on the market including positive and negative influences; ans an overview of market and identification of possible market oppurtunities with the help of a SWOT Analysis.

Based on the result that you get, present and discuss at least two strategies that will promote customer satoisfaction and the increase in sales.

Your assignment should include the following:

Identify the organization’s current product portfolio.

Main body:
Assess the company’s internal and external environment and undertake a positive and negative impact analysis based on your chosen organization.

Identify all possible oppurtunities for growth, then select and justify one option that has most potential for growth (SWOT analysis).

Undetake two strategies that will promote customer satisfaction and increased sales.


It must contain a relevant paragraph to wrap up the discussion leaving the reader fully focused and pointing out the benefits of the strategies that the writer/student talekd about in the preceding paragraphs.


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