Describe, define, analyze and
understand pop music .
The paper should be 2-3 pages long and answering each question provided.
Must follow standard format and include cover page, name , topic, and bibliography.
conduct research pertaining to pop music.
Read, investigate and report in your own words, do not use encyclopedic language.
Each person in the group will read their research findings and play the selected musical excerpt
relevant to their topic.
Content- Topic of research
? Musical characteristics:
What is the typical instrumentation and why are these specific instruments used?
Describe this style in terms of the basic elements of music and all of their components.
Are there different types within this genre? Describe them and the difference between them.
? Meaning/purpose:
Did this music come about for a reason and did it have a purpose?
Does the music reflect the social conditions or trends of the time?
Is this music identified with specific social group?
Explain in details for all.
? Definition:
Develop a logical and well- constructed definition for this style/s of music that will describe all
aspects of this genre.
? Conclusion:
Develop a concluding statement, which discusses the following:
-What impact, if any, has this music made on society?
-has this music lasted, will it last and how long? why or why not?
-Why do some people not like and /or understand this music?
-50 years from now, what will people think of this music, will hey understand it? Explain in detail.
? Musical example:
please write down( title/ name of the person or group) and pick 4 songs that is popular pop
music of all times.


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