Homework  and fun are traditionally not used in the same sentence. It is possible for a teacher to make  math   homework  fun or at least enjoyable by being sure the work is at an appropriate difficulty level, not over  doing  it with workload, and providing a variety of types of assignments that can include challenging, yet interesting and fun games. These tips will remind teachers to step back and keep  homework  in the proper perspective.


  • The point of  homework  is to reinforce what was taught in the class.
  •  Homework  is not busy work. It needs to be productive
  •  Homework  should be work that can be  done  independently, meaning they have enough experience with the skill, they can  do  it at home with little or no help.

Where is it written  math   homework  has to be page after page of boring problems? Incorporating a variety of activities, that address the targeted skill, in a challenging, innovative game will serve the same purpose. No one says send a game home everyday, but  do  incorporate innovative and challenging activities into the overall scheme of things.


  • If you run out of time in class, and  did  not have a chance to fully finish explanations, then assigning the accompanying problems will cause consternation. You will just have to go over it all again the next day.
  • Fire drills, visitors, unexpected announcements happen; it is never wise to punish the students for this by giving work they are not prepared to finish.
  • No one fails a class because an occasional day goes by with no  math   homework . To be sure, a simple no  homework  tonight is the best definition of a fun  math   homework !

Always have a back up plan! Digital printable  math  games and/or activities can be sent home electronically or easily printed out at the last minute for those days things  did  not go as planned. And yes, it is even acceptable to skip  homework  occasionally, the children with thank you, their parent will thank-you!


  • Regular reinforcement of  math  facts is educationally sound for all subjects but is particularly important for math.
  • So many pieces being taught and absorbed depends on memorizing facts, or steps in solving the problem. Too much time between using it slows everything down.

Avoid the Monday memory freeze or the first day back from winter break memory chasm by providing valuable quality but fun activities and games to use over the weekend or on longer breaks. This will eliminate the groan factor, but keep skills sharp.


  • More is better frame of mind is outdated.
  • 20-30 minutes of targeted, appropriate work for elementary and 30-45 minutes for middle school is plenty of time. Anything over that, promotes distaste and negative feelings toward the class.

Simple as can be, if you hate the  homework  load, you will hate the class and take longer to learn what you need.  Math  teachers will benefit from remembering the whole picture and find a balance that works between assigning important reinforcing drills, and problems and making  math   homework  fun by incorporating different challenging but enjoyable activities into the mix.

Teachers as a whole are facing the challenge or teaching traditional subjects to student growing up in the digital world. Keeping them engaged at their skill level and getting them to learn the facts and not depend on technology will continue to be a challenge. Finding activities that are innovative, fun and challenging is one weapon to use in this battle.



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